Prepare for Any Crisis: End-to-end Critical Communication Solutions from Atos Unify

CCNA x Atos Unify

Building resilience is a key factor for the success of any organisation. Our team has helped clients in enterprises and the private sector to design and implement their critical communication infrastructure by providing a flexible outcome-driven road map based on their technology needs. 

At CCNA, we work with industries such as roads and infrastructures, financial services, hospitals and more. Our main focus is to provide critical communication solutions including emergency dispatching, alarm messaging, and command & control.

What We Do

Articulate the challenges faced by industries relying on dispatching and communication systems. Highlight the criticality of uninterrupted and reliable communication during emergencies, the need for rapid response, and the potential consequences of communication failures

Atos Unify Critical-Communication Portofolio at a Glance

Atos Unify OpenScape Xpert

Robust multi-line and multi-channel communication orchestration for high-volume, time-sensitive scenarios

  • Hosted cloud solution for complete remote management and improved cost-effectiveness with carrier-grade soft switch for continuous uptime.
  • Enhanced user-centricity with numerous personal and call control options, intuitive touchscreen interface design, and user-based licensing.
  • Instant conferencing, line sharing, location awareness, voice monitoring, and playback.
  • Advanced dispatch functionality on a dedicated appliance or soft client running on a standard PC.
  • Assured compliance, security, and scalability with Interfaces and server architecture you can leverage for an expanded ecosystem.

Critical Event Management

Solution portfolio by Everbridge with built-in customer journeys to keep people safe and businesses running

  • Flexible SaaS delivery platform with SLA uptime and purpose-built modules tailored to various horizontal and vertical digital transformation journeys.
  • Risk Mitigation and employer duty of care compliance for workplace safety.
  • Automated real-time threat detection and response improvements to natural disasters, supply outages, and equipment maloperation, including remedy actions. for service and repair workflows
  • Asset and people tracking for better utilization, scheduling, and optimized workflows.
  • Improved employee experience and safety for both knowledge and frontline workers with automated notifications in case of critical events.
  • Integration with and orchestration of IT landscape and business applications with 350+ ecosystem integrations.

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    Ongoing Support

    Unify Critical Event Management

    See how our automated, real time threat detection and response improve employee and customer satisfaction.

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