CCNA reduces call centre workloads with their low-cost solution delivered to you at record speed. 

SYDNEY, NSW, Australia — June 30, 2020

Technology solutions provider, Converged Communication Network Applications (CCNA), recently released their CC Callback solution. The solution is quick to implement and available at a lower cost than similar solutions.

Craig Sims, Co-Managing Director at CCNA, said, ‘We understand that to boost customer experience, contact centres require technology that effectively manages call queues and agent availability.’

CCNA’s Callback solution, and others similar to it, are about reducing the number of abandoned calls as customers will only abandon if they do not opt into a callback. As a result, the contact centre will gather more calls and can deliver an exceptional customer experience.

The CC Callback solution will reduce call centre workloads by offering customers the option of receiving a callback instead of waiting in the queue. If a customer opts into a callback, the solution will determine the Estimated Wait Time (EWT) and notify the customer of when they will receive a callback. Agents can increase their productivity by spreading their workload over the day instead of becoming inundated by calls. For the contact centre, this means a higher retention rate. 

Matt Brown, Head of Projects and Consulting at CCNA, said, ‘The CC Callback application has been designed to be deployed in record speed, and is agile in nature which makes it customisable to client environments and requirements.’

If you would like to learn how CCNA can implement this solution in your contact centre, you can get in touch with them at sales@ccna.co.nz or visit their website at https://ccna.co.nz/services/cc-callback.

About CCNA

CCNA provides technology solutions for companies in the Enterprise, Public Sector, and Carrier spaces. They have worked in these spaces since 2008, and have robust knowledge in design, development and implementation of converged communication networks applications. They leverage a consultative and collaborative approach to design tailored technology solutions for their clients that generate a strong return on investment.

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