CCNA’s Stellar Achievement: NICE Acceleration Partner of the Year 2023

In the dynamic and fast-paced world of digital communications, partnerships that drive innovation and customer satisfaction stand out. CCNA’s recent accolade as the NICE Acceleration Partner of the Year 2023 for Australia and New Zealand underscores the remarkable outcomes that can be achieved through such synergistic collaborations.

Forging Strong Alliances

The journey to this award has been marked by CCNA’s unwavering commitment to growth and excellence in partnership with NICE. As Craig Sims, Co-Managing Director of Converged Communications Network Applications (CCNA), remarked, “It is brilliant to be recognised for our continued growth with NICE.” This recognition is a testament to the robust local relationships and the collaborative spirit that has fueled our momentum throughout 2024.

Driving Customer-Centric Solutions

CCNA’s partnership with NICE has delivered cutting-edge solutions that drive significant customer outcomes. The synergy between CCNA and NICE has enabled the development of customer-focused solutions that have set new benchmarks in the industry. Craig Sims highlights the essence of this collaboration, “It is great to work with a committed vendor to help drive customer outcome-delivered solutions. Thank you to NICE for working so closely with us over the past year.”

Innovative Solutions in Action

A standout example of CCNA’s innovative approach is its recent project with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) in Western Australia. By partnering with leading technology vendors, CCNA implemented an intelligent 000 phone system that effectively assesses and manages emergency call queues, delivers real-time data to inform decision-making, notifies relevant parties, and minimises human error. This system not only achieved the essential 99.999% uptime requirement but also incorporated smart features that enhance real-time management of emergencies, significantly boosting operational efficiency and emergency response time.

Looking Forward

As we celebrate this significant achievement, we are also looking ahead with optimism and excitement. The recognition as NICE Acceleration Partner of the Year 2023 is a milestone that propels us forward. We are committed to continuing our close collaboration with NICE, aiming to deliver even greater customer solutions in the coming year.

Businesses interested in exploring the transformative potential of NICE’s solutions can contact our team today.

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