CCNA Triumphs with GoTo: A Landmark Achievement

CCNA proudly announces its win as GoTo’s 2023 Biggest Deal in ANZ, a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in cloud connectivity and communication services. This accolade reflects our ability to deliver comprehensive Unified Communication and Contact Centre solutions, marking a significant milestone in our journey.

A Partnership of Innovation and Success

CCNA’s long-standing relationship with GoTo has been instrumental in driving significant projects and customer-centric solutions. This partnership has enabled us to leverage GoTo’s diverse range of offerings to meet the dynamic needs of businesses of all sizes. We are excited and truly humbled to have won GoTo’s 2023 Biggest Deal in ANZ and can’t wait to continue kicking goals together in 2024! 

Delivering Impactful Solutions: The DFES Case Study

A standout example of our impactful solutions is our work with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) in Western Australia. CCNA partnered with top-tier technology vendors to implement an intelligent 000 phone system for DFES. This system, incorporating real-time data assessment, queue management, and notification systems, ensures critical uptime of 99.999% and enhances emergency response efficiency.

In collaboration with Avaya, HPE, and Nectar Corp, CCNA developed a robust system that not only increased capacity tenfold but also significantly reduced sensory overload for operators. Real-time monitoring and customised dashboards provided by eMite allowed for effective management of emergencies, contributing to improved morale and confidence among operators.

Looking to the Future

Winning GoTo’s 2023 Biggest Deal in ANZ highlights CCNA’s expertise and commitment to delivering outstanding results through strategic partnerships and cutting-edge technology. As we continue to innovate and expand our offerings, we are excited about the future and the potential for more transformative customer solutions.

If you’re interested in exploring how CCNA’s solutions can transform your business, contact our team today. Together, we can drive your success and set new benchmarks in the digital landscape.

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