GWA Group’s Triumph: IDC Best in Future of Digital Infrastructure Award 

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions to stay ahead of the curve and deliver unparalleled customer experiences. The recent win by GWA Group at the IDC Future Enterprise Awards 2022 for Australia and New Zealand is a shining example of what can be achieved when forward-thinking companies embrace the future of digital infrastructure.

A Partnership Forged in Innovation  

When GWA Group, renowned for their cutting-edge bathroom and kitchen solutions, faced challenges with customer satisfaction, they turned to CCNA for a solution. The collaboration was nothing short of transformative. NICE, a global enterprise intent on shaping the future of customer engagement, brought to the table their flagship product – CXone. A cloud-native platform that was the game-changer GWA Group needed. 


GWA Group’s initial struggle stemmed from the lack of a unified contact centre. With three different centres operating on varied solutions, the result was high overhead costs, intricate systems, and a compromised customer experience. 
Enter NICE’s CXone. This product not only offered a cost-effective solution but also revolutionized GWA’s workforce management. With its cloud platform, GWA could now support work-from-home setups, standardize contact centres, and most impressively, slash customer wait times by a whopping 50%. The outcomes were clear: 

  • A significantly enhanced customer experience. 
  • A notable reduction in agent turnover. 
  • A streamlined and coordinated contact centre. 

GWA Group Winner of a IDC Future Enterprise Award for Australia and New Zealand 2022

GWA Group’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction did not go unnoticed. Their win in the Best in Future of Digital Infrastructure category at the IDC Future Enterprise Awards 2022 is a testament to their commitment to excellence. The award not only offers GWA Group a platform for further recognition but also provides them with a Certificate of Excellence for their monumental achievement. 
The project that clinched the award for GWA Group was their transition from on-premises solutions to a cloud-native platform. This move allowed GWA to shift from legacy telephony systems to a robust system that leverages data for growth and success. The benefits were manifold, from a comprehensive 360-degree customer interaction review to streamlined processes and increased adaptability.  

Looking Ahead 

At CCNA, we’ve had the privilege to witness GWA Group’s transformative journey firsthand. Their success serves as a compelling case study for businesses aiming to harness the power of digital innovation. By partnering with us and leveraging solutions like NICE’s CXone, GWA Group has showcased the profound impact of strategic collaborations in the digital realm. As they continue to thrive and expand, it’s clear that the digital future is not just promising—it’s already here. 
If you’re interested in exploring the transformative potential of NICE’s CXone for your business, contact our team today. 

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